Consulting and guiding the family business - from generation to generation

Three seasoned professionals blend their individual expertise

INNOO is a close collaboration between three senior professionals who combined their expertise in the field of family businesses. They are experienced in advising, coaching and educating current and future leaders and shareholders. The INNOO partners have a wealth of experience in the field of leadership, succession, family ownership, strategy and governance.

A family business is ‘just’ a business, but there is one essential difference: the company’s DNA is strongly intertwined with that of the family. 

Sooner or later, every family business enters a phase in which important steps need to be taken.

Dilemmas and differing interests will arise affecting both the company and the family. Often they turn out to be more complex and persistent than expected. The tension between emotion and reason will often hinder families from taking the required steps.

INNOO provides you with advice and guidance to deal with these dilemmas and challenges. Our focus is on the healthy development of your company and your family, so that family and company can continue to support each other and your family business remains strong and successful, from generation to generation.

Questions from leaders, owners and their successors

The business has entered a new stage in which we have to make strategic choices. What will the consequences be for the leadership and governance?

How can we organise an increasing number of members of the family and keep them involved?

The previous generation wasn’t able to work well together, so how can our generation do better?

Our family charter was drafted by our parents. We need to update it for our generation. Can you help us?