Consulting and guiding the family business - from generation to generation

About us

INNOO is a close collaboration between three senior professionals who have combined their expertise in the field of family businesses. They are experienced in advising, coaching and educating current and future leaders and shareholders. The INNOO partners have a wealth of experience in the field of leadership, succession, family ownership, strategy and governance.

How do INNOO partners describe each other:

Jacqueline van Zwol

Jacqueline van ZwolJacqueline is a versatile and skillful consultant, non-executive director and trusted advisor. With a strong drive to make a difference for families and their businesses, she stimulates reflection as well as forwarding the action. Empathic and analytic, she understands family values and family firm valuation.  She has a great deal of experience in designing and guiding the implementation of succession plans, family constitutions and family business governance structures. She actively guides the process, educates on pitfalls and best practices and manages progress. She is an expert liaison between generations and between family and business.

‘Every family business is a unique continuously changing complex puzzle. My job is to help families, business executives and board members in revealing adequate solutions to challenges that every family business will face'. 

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Albert Jan Thomassen

Albert Jan ThomassenBoth as a consultant and as an educator, Albert Jan has a wide experience in issues regarding succession and governance in family businesses. He works for family businesses in the Netherlands and abroad and understands the dilemmas that occur between owners, executives and non-executive directors. His vast wealth of knowledge and practical experience means that he can simplify complex matters. Albert Jan blends consulting with education. He has a unique way of combining a clear and pragmatic approach with respect for the particular dynamics of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families.

‘Good solutions come from the family, the owners, the non-executive board and the day-to-day management working well together. In addition to a well thought-out governance structure, which is supported by all players, the process is just as important. Otherwise it won’t work.’

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Marius Frank

Marius FrankExperienced consultant and executive coach. He has a solid understanding of the international corporate world, family enterprise and professional organisations. His current professional focus is helping his customers with issues where strategic direction, governance, team functioning and own leadership style meet. He radiates a combination of sincere curiosity and experience. Accessible, but he does not avoid confrontation and does not stop until all salient issues are addressed.

‘The strength of our association is that we know a lot about family businesses. We’ve been around.’

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Questions from owners

How do we divide responsibilities between owners and managers? 

How do we structure ownership and its voting rights between owners who work in the business and owners who don't?

Can you help us draft a family charter as our non-working shareholder group is expanding and we need guiding principles about ownership roles and interests?

Our father was a true entrepreneur. How do we guard his entrepreneurial spirit in the company?

What do our children need to know about being shareholders? 

Consulting & Guiding

in the further development of business and family

Fulfilling non-executive functions

by having a role as a board member in the Family Holding Structure, Supervisory Board or Advisory Board

Executive Coaching

of incumbent and future CEOs and non-executive directors


family members and non-executive directors