Consulting and guiding the family business - from generation to generation

Client questions

Questions that family businesses ask us:

Setting up and having governance work for business and family

  • Help us set up the management structure for the next generation.
  • How do we handle terms of employment for members of the family working in the business? 
  • How do we keep a proper eye on the business if we are not employed in the business
  • How can we structure ownership participation? 
  • How should the family, the non-executive directors and the executive board work together? 
  • Could you assist in the self-evaluation of the supervisory board? 
  • What could a supervisory board contribute? 
  • We are going to start working with a non-family CEO for the first time. What does that mean for us?
  • We want to draw up a family charter.
  • We are looking for an external chair for our family holding. 

Aligning and organising the family as owner 

  • How can a family council function effectively?
  • How can we organise an increasing number of members of the family and keep them involved? 
  • How do we deal with longstanding conflicts in the group of family-shareholders.  
  • How do we, as a family, improve our communication about the business? 
  • Could you help us draw up a family charter? 
  • What do our children need to know about being shareholders? 
  • What are our family values and how do we keep them alive? 
  • What is my role as a non-family executive? How can I support and challenge the family best? 
  • Could you facilitate our family-shareholder meetings? 
  • The number of shareholders is rapidly growing. Can our family business continue like this?
  • Under which conditions can we possible remain an independent family business?
  • Should we increase or diminish the number of shareholders? 

Guiding succession and transfer to the next generation 

  • To which of the children should I transfer the shares?
  • The fourth generation will take over in ten years. What should we prepare for this? 
  • For fiscal reasons it would be advantageous to transfer shares, but do my children want to become shareholders?
  • Am I really convinced of my children’s capabilities?
  • Help us draft a plan of succession.
  • How do we keep entrepreneurship in the next generation?
  • How can we involve the next generation in the business at this point in time? 
  • How do I ensure that my children and the management work well together?
  • I want to hand over the business, but I don't seem to be able to start.  
  • How objective am I in judging my children’s capacities? 
  • How can we ensure that my father and I work well together now that we are both on the executive board?
  • Do we want to recruit an external CEO? How can we go about this professionally?
  • What does the next generation need to function well as a team?
  • Which of my children is most suitable to run the business? How do I make a choice that is fair to everyone?
  • I want my successor to be the most suitable person. Could an assessment be useful and how does that work?
  • I am ready to take on more responsibilities as a successor, how do I go about it?

Facilitating strategic planning between business and family

  • If we want to remain independent, what does this imply for our business strategy?
  • How can we, members of the executive team, properly attune our business strategy to the strategy of the shareholders? 
  • What will be the consequences for our family business when we bring a private equity party on board? 
  • The business has entered a new stage in which we have to make strategic choices. What will the consequences be for the leadership and management?
  • The family has to make decisions so that the business can continue to develop. How can we, members of the executive board, organise this?
  • The business needs major investments. Does the family want to commit to this and what will the consequences be?

Developing and enhancing teams and leadership

  • How can I develop myself as a leader? 
  • How can family and non-family members work together well on the executive board and the non-executive board?
  • How can we, members of the the next generation, gain more control? 
  • Once we get together as the next generation shareholders, how will we go about reaching agreement, what will be our rules of the game.  
  • How do we ensure that we, members of the family, form a good business team? 
  • Is co-leadership an option or should we stick to one leader? 
  • We don’t want to govern and run the family business like our parents did, how can we do it differently?
  • Which leadership profile does the business need in the next generation? 
  • How do I keep the family together now that the family is growing?
  • My brother will become part of our executive team. What will be the implications for the way the team functions.

Developing training and coaching programmes 

  • I am a board member of the family holding and I would like more insight into the financials of our family business.
  • Not everybody has a notion how to govern a family business; we want to learn more about it.
  • Could you help the next generation in defining the desired values and culture in the business? 
  • My son will succeed me, but first he will have to present a good plan of succession 
  • I want to be a full member on the supervisory board of our family business in ten years’ time. How can I prepare myself? 
  • As brothers and sisters we’ve never learned how to discuss difficult issues. How can we acquire this skill? 
  • My father has branded us the guardians of our corporate culture. But he worked in the business and we don’t. How can we properly fulfil this role?
  • My father was the director and major shareholder; I’m a non-executive director and major shareholder. How can I work well on the supervisory board? 

Questions from family members

Can you help us with a family constitution?

How can we best prepare our children on dealing with wealth?

Should the next generation work elsewhere before joining the family business? How can we organise that in a fair manner? 

We find it difficult asking questions during the shareholders meeting. How can we better prepare for this?

We like to know more about the family business but also understand that we can't use too much time from the management. What are the possibilities to do this in smart way for all?

Consulting & Guiding

in the further development of business and family

Fulfilling non-executive functions

by having a role as a board member in the Family Holding Structure, Supervisory Board or Advisory Board

Executive Coaching

of incumbent and future CEOs and non-executive directors


family members and non-executive directors