Consulting and guiding the family business - from generation to generation

In depth knowledge

Publications by INNOO partners


  • Gespreid bedje of spijkerbed, over opvolgers in familiebedrijven, Jacqueline van Zwol en Roberto Floren, Business Contact, 2010 (Bed of nails or red carpet? About successors in family businesses)
  • De stap naar eigendom, In: Gespreid bedje of spijkerbed; Over opvolgers in familiebedrijven, Albert Jan Thomassen, 2010 (Stepping up to ownership. In: Bed of nails or red carpet? About successors in family businesses)
  • De opvolger aan het woord, Albert Jan Thomassen en Maarten van Meerten, Jong Management VNO-NCW, 1999 (Successors talk about succession)
  • Opvolging in het Familiebedrijf; leiding, eigendom en continuïteit, Albert Jan Thomassen en Gerben van der Meer, COB/SER, 1990 (Succession in the family business; leadership, ownership and continuity)


  • Commissaris tussen familie en bedrijf, de uitdagingen van intern toezicht in het familiebedrijf, Jacqueline van Zwol en Ilse Matser, Goed Bestuur & Toezicht, 4/2013 (The non-executive director balancing between business and family, the challenges of internal control in the family business)
  • A Fine Balance of Power, the working relationship between non family executive and family CEO, Marjolein de Jong en Albert Jan Thomassen, Families in Business, July/August 2006 No.27
  • Ondernemen als familie, aanbevelingen voor goed bestuur in het familiebedrijf, Joost van Hamel en Albert Jan Thomassen, (red.), FBNed, vereniging Familiebedrijven Nederland, Tilburg, 2003 (The Family Business Governance Report)
  • Een typologie van familiebedrijven en de consequenties voor de inrichting van het ondernemingsbestuur, Jurgen Geerlings en Albert Jan Thomassen, Tijdschrift voor Ondernemingsbestuur, Uitgeverij Paris, Juni 2005 (A family business typology and the consequences for it's governance)
  • Familie in Zaken – spelregels van een bijzondere samenwerking, Albert Jan Thomassen en Marjolein de Jong, Centrum van het Familiebedrijf, Tilburg, 2003 (How effective family teams can work well together)

Selling the family business

  • Aan tafel met uw aandeelhouder, een blik in de wereld van durfkapitalisten in Nederland, Marius Frank, 2005 (Meeting outside shareholders, a inside view of private equity firms in the Netherlands)
  • Uw onderneming in andere handen, Ron Sman en Albert Jan Thomassen, Delwel, Den Haag, 1996 (Handing over the family company to another shareholder)

Executive coaching

  • Hofnar en Schatbewaarder, Tien Leiders over Executive Coaching, Marius Frank e.a., 2007 (Jester or treasurer, ten leaders on executive coaching)

English books that inspired us

Dutch books that inspired us

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Questions on preparing the next generation

The fourth generation will take over in ten years. What should we prepare for this? 

How do we keep entrepreneurship in the next generation?

I want my successor to be the most suitable person. Could an assessment be useful and how does that work?

Once we get together as the next generation shareholders, how will we go about reaching agreement, what will be our rules of the game?

My father has branded us the guardians of our corporate culture. But he worked in the business and we don’t. How can we properly fulfil this role?

Consulting & Guiding

in the further development of business and family

Fulfilling non-executive functions

by having a role as a board member in the Family Holding Structure, Supervisory Board or Advisory Board

Executive Coaching

of incumbent and future CEOs and non-executive directors


family members and non-executive directors