Consulting and guiding the family business - from generation to generation

The owner-managed business

The founder has developed the business into a profitable enterprise. There is an intention to hand over the business to the next generation.

  • My children aren’t ready yet, but the business is ready for a successor. 
  • Can we remain a family business? What will this require?
  • How can I ensure that the next generation shallwork together professionally?
  • How do we organise ownership control after I step away from day-to-day management?
  • My father wants to step down, how can I take over?
  • How to distribute shares among the next generation in a fair manner? 
  • Is it wise to appoint an external CEO?



Questions from the next generation

We don't want to lead the business like our fathers. Can you help us develop a new governance model?

Can we remain an independent family business?

We want to remain a strong sibling team as we are not only family but also working togehter now. What is needed?

Within 5 years I want to have a strong position as a non-executive board member. Can you help me prepare for that?

My father considers us to be the custodians of our family buisness culture. But he used to work in the company and we don't. How can we do that being family owners?

Consulting & Guiding

in the further development of business and family

Fulfilling non-executive functions

by having a role as a board member in the Family Holding Structure, Supervisory Board or Advisory Board

Executive Coaching

of incumbent and future CEOs and non-executive directors


family members and non-executive directors